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Tetrahedrally diminished dodecahedron
Fri, 2024-Mar-29 00:04 UTC
Length - 2:39

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Welcome to random Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of a random Wikipedia page every day.

The random article for Friday, 29 March 2024 is Tetrahedrally diminished dodecahedron.

In geometry, a tetrahedrally diminished dodecahedron (also tetrahedrally stellated icosahedron or propello tetrahedron) is a topologically self-dual polyhedron made of 16 vertices, 30 edges, and 16 faces (4 equilateral triangles and 12 identical quadrilaterals). A canonical form exists with two edge lengths at 0.849 : 1.057, assuming that the radius of the midsphere is 1. The kites remain isosceles.

It has chiral tetrahedral symmetry, and so its geometry can be constructed from pyritohedral symmetry of the pseudoicosahedron with 4 faces stellated, or from the pyritohedron, with 4 vertices diminished. Within its tetrahedral symmetry, it has geometric varied proportions. By Dorman Luke dual construction, a unique geometric proportion can be defined. The kite faces have edges of length ratio ~ 1:0.633.

Topologically, the triangles are always equilateral, while the quadrilaterals are irregular, although the two adjacent edges that meet at the vertices of a tetrahedron are equal.

As a self-dual hexadecahedron, it is one of 302404 forms, 1476 with at least order 2 symmetry, and the only one with tetrahedral symmetry. As a diminished regular dodecahedron, with 4 vertices removed, the quadrilaterals faces are trapezoids.

As a stellation of the regular icosahedron it is one of 32 stellations defined with tetrahedral symmetry. It has kite faces. In Conway polyhedron notation, it can be represented as pT, applying George W. Hart's propeller operator to a regular tetrahedron.

This recording reflects the Wikipedia text as of 00:04 UTC on Friday, 29 March 2024.

For the full current version of the article, see Tetrahedrally diminished dodecahedron on Wikipedia.

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