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Design A-150 battleship
Fri, 2018-Jun-29 01:48 UTC
Length - 1:44

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Welcome to popular Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of a popular Wikipedia page every day.

With 260,680 views on Thursday, 28 June 2018 our article of the day is Design A-150 battleship.

Design A-150, popularly known as the Super Yamato class, was a planned class of battleships for the Imperial Japanese Navy. In keeping with the Navy's long tradition, they were designed to be qualitatively superior to battleships that might be faced in battle, such as those from the United States or Great Britain. As part of this, the class would have been armed with six 51-centimeter (20.1 in) guns, the largest weapons carried aboard any warship in the world. Design work on the A-150s began after the preceding Yamato class in 1938–1939 and was mostly finished by early 1941, when the Japanese began focusing on aircraft carriers and other smaller warships in preparation for the coming conflict. No A-150 would ever be laid down, and many details of the class' design were destroyed near the end of the war.

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