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Von Erich family
Tue, 2024-May-14 01:34 UTC
Length - 2:27

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Welcome to popular Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of a popular Wikipedia page every day.

With 113,043 views on Monday, 13 May 2024 our article of the day is Von Erich family.

The Von Erich family is an American professional wrestling family. Originally from Texas, their actual surname is Adkisson, but every member who has been in the wrestling business has used the ring name "Von Erich," after the family patriarch, Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson). Jack took on the name as part of his wrestling gimmick (i.e. in-ring persona) as he originally portrayed a Nazi heel, hence his use of a German name.

By the time Fritz died of cancer in his Denton County home in 1997 at age 68, five of his six sons had predeceased him, three by suicide. His firstborn, Jack Jr., was accidentally shocked and drowned in a puddle at age 6 in 1959, outside his Niagara Falls home. In 1984, David Von Erich died in a Tokyo hotel from enteritis at age 25. Mike, Chris, and Kerry all died by suicide; Mike took an overdose of Placidyl near Lewisville Lake in 1987 at age 23, Chris shot himself in the head with a 9mm handgun in 1991 at age 21, and Kerry shot himself in the chest in the family yard in 1993 at age 33. Kevin Von Erich is the last surviving son.

These deaths are the main basis for a widespread myth about a family curse. The term "Von Erich curse" is also used colloquially to refer to the chain of events. The story of the Von Erich family has been presented as a cautionary tale about parental influence, sibling rivalry, and the various dangers of the professional wrestling business.

The Von Erichs' involvement in wrestling has continued to a third generation: Kevin's sons Marshall and Ross began wrestling in 2012, and Kerry's daughter Lacey wrestled from 2007 until her retirement in 2010.

This recording reflects the Wikipedia text as of 01:34 UTC on Tuesday, 14 May 2024.

For the full current version of the article, see Von Erich family on Wikipedia.

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