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Reeps One
Mon, 2017-Jun-26 08:44 UTC
Length - 2:58

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Welcome to random Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of a random Wikipedia page every day.

Our random article today is Reeps One.

Harry Yeff (born 18 November 1989) better known by his stage name Reeps One, is a prize-winning beatboxer. Reeps One lives in Walthamstow, London, England. His music style is famous for his own dubstep sounds and fast routines. Reeps One began beatboxing at around age 15 [2] and has become internationally recognised as a leading artist of the New School Beatbox Scene, and along with Beardyman is the only beatboxer to win the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships twice running (2009 & 2010).

Reeps One has supported acts such as Rusko, Benga, Skream and Emalkay, along with The Prodigy, Andy C, Roni Size, De La Soul, Jay Sean, DJ Qbert, Akon, Chris Brown, Scratch Perverts and Foreign Beggars. He has played at the Glastonbury Music Festival three years in a row. In 2015, he performed at TomorrowWorld, on the Mythical Frames Stage.

An original member of the Monorex team and a resident feature at all the Secret Wars illustration battles, Reeps also works in visual, including canvas and graffiti. He has exhibited his work across multidisciplinary events like Miami Art Basel, and the London, Milan and Tokyo Design weeks.

Capturing the attention of the academic realm, Yeff became the subject of a study of expert behavior, led by Professor Sophie Scott of University College London's Neurological Department - the first neurological investigation of its kind to utilise the voice as a medium.

In 2016 Reeps One took part in a week-long residency at Harvard University, speaking in lectures about phonetics, creative process and the human voice. This same year, he conceived and delivered the hugely successful Polyphonic Playground, a large-scale playground structure comprising electric paint circuitry and instrumental trigger pads.

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