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Runaway production
Sat, 2017-Jun-10 12:54 UTC
Length - 2:28

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Welcome to random Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of a random Wikipedia page every day.

Our random article today is Runaway production.

Runaway production is a term used by the American film industry to describe filmmaking and television productions that are "intended for initial release/exhibition or television broadcast in the U.S., but are actually filmed in another country."

In a 2005 production report by the Center for Entertainment Industry Data and Research (CEIDR), the trend of runaway productions are more frequently linked to American films and television being lured away from U.S. locations to out-of-country locations. A large reason for these productions leaving are foreign subsidies offered to American companies ultimately reducing the cost of making the film. According to the CEIDR report, "The analysis reveals that, while there are certainly general economic factors at play, such as relative labor and exchange rates, the data over the past several years strongly suggests that proliferation of production subsidies around the globe has been one of the most significant factors affecting the choice of production venues for a significant volume of production."

The report further states that "the connection between the advent of Canadian Production subsidies in late 1998 and the dramatic increase in production that occurred in the following year (as reflected by the 144% increase in dollar volume for the 2000 release year films) appears unassailable as there were no appreciable changes in exchange rates or labor rates to justify this dramatic shift from one year to the next, other than the subsidy programs".

This recording reflects the Wikipedia text as of 12:54 UTC on Saturday, 10 June 2017.

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