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random Wiki of the Day Episode 330

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      Episode 331

Aquinas College, Otago
Fri, 2018-Mar-30 00:01 UTC
Length - 1:51

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Welcome to random Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of a random Wikipedia page every day.

The random article for Friday, 30 March 2018 is Aquinas College, Otago.

Aquinas College is one of the Residential Colleges of the University of Otago, named after St. Thomas Aquinas, located in the suburb of Dalmore. Formerly a Roman Catholic institution in the care of the Dominican order from the 1950s, the college was bought by the University in 1988 and was run for a time under the name Dalmore House, with the original name later restored.

Aquinas College maintains much of the 1950s architecture, but recently there have been major facility upgrades. The College currently houses 152 University students, making it one of the smaller University of Otago Residential Colleges. Notable among its facilities is its gymnasium, being the only college to have an indoor basketball court.

This recording reflects the Wikipedia text as of 00:01 UTC on Friday, 30 March 2018.

For the full current version of the article, go to,_Otago.

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This has been Kendra. Thank you for listening to random Wiki of the Day.

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These podcasts are produced by Abulsme Productions based on Wikipedia content.
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