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Banksia lemanniana
Fri, 2019-Jul-19 01:07 UTC
Length - 2:18

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Welcome to featured Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of the featured Wikipedia article every day.

The featured article for Friday, 19 July 2019 is Banksia lemanniana.

Banksia lemanniana, commonly known as the yellow lantern banksia or Lemann's banksia, is a species of woody shrub of the family Proteaceae native to Western Australia. It generally grows as an open shrub or small tree to five metres (15 ft) high with stiff serrated leaves, and unusual hanging inflorescences. Flowering occurs over summer, the greenish buds developing into oval flower spikes before turning grey and developing the characteristic large woody follicles. It occurs within and just east of the Fitzgerald River National Park on the southern coast of the state. Banksia lemanniana is killed by bushfire and regenerates from seed.

First described by Swiss botanist Carl Meissner in 1856, it was named in honour of English botanist Charles Morgan Lemann. It is one of three or four related species all with pendent inflorescences, which is an unusual feature within the genus. No subspecies are recognised. Banksia lemanniana is classified as Not Threatened under the Wildlife Conservation Act of Western Australia. Unlike many Western Australian banksias, it appears to have some resistance to dieback from the soil-borne water mould Phytophthora cinnamomi, and is one of the easier Western Australian species to grow in cultivation.

This recording reflects the Wikipedia text as of 01:07 UTC on Friday, 19 July 2019.

For the full current version of the article, see Banksia lemanniana on Wikipedia.

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