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Battle of Hochkirch
Sun, 2018-Oct-14 00:57 UTC
Length - 2:10

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Welcome to featured Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of the featured Wikipedia article every day.

The featured article for Sunday, 14 October 2018 is Battle of Hochkirch.

The Battle of Hochkirch took place on 14 October 1758 during the Third Silesian War (part of the Seven Years' War). After several weeks of maneuvering for position, an Austrian army of 80,000 commanded by Lieutenant Field Marshal Leopold Josef Graf Daun surprised the Prussian army of 30,000–36,000, commanded by Frederick the Great. The Austrian army overwhelmed the Prussians and forced a general retreat. The battle took place in and around the village of Hochkirch, 9 kilometers (6 mi) east of Bautzen, Saxony.

Historians usually consider the battle as among Frederick's greatest blunders. Contrary to the advice of his subordinates, he refused to believe that the usually-cautious Austrian commander, Leopold von Daun, would bring his troops into battle. The Austrian force surprised his army in a pre-dawn attack. Over 30 percent of Frederick's army was destroyed; five generals were killed and he lost his artillery park and a vast amount of supplies. Although Daun had scored a complete surprise, he failed to follow up on his victory with a vigorous pursuit of the retreating Prussians. Furthermore, he allowed the entire force to escape, unite with another corps in the vicinity, and regain the momentum over the winter. The failure of the Austrian commander to follow up on his victory nullified the Prussian loss.

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