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CMLL World Middleweight Championship
Sat, 2018-May-05 01:03 UTC
Length - 2:30

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Welcome to featured Wiki of the Day where we read the summary of the featured Wikipedia article every day.

The featured article for Saturday, 5 May 2018 is CMLL World Middleweight Championship.

The CMLL World Middleweight Championship (Spanish: Campeonato Mundial de Peso Medio del CMLL) is a professional wrestling world championship promoted by the Mexican wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). While lighter weight classes are regularly ignored in wrestling promotions in the United States, with most emphasis placed on "heavyweights", more emphasis is placed on the lighter classes in Mexican companies. The official definition of the middleweight division in Mexico is a person between 82 kg (181 lb) and 87 kg (192 lb), but the weight limits are not strictly adhered to. As it is a professional wrestling championship, it is not won via legitimate competition; it is instead won via a scripted ending to a match or on occasion awarded to a wrestler because of a storyline.

El Cuatrero is the current reigning champion, having defeated Angel de Oro for the title on January 19 2018 at Fantastica Mania, CMLL's joint event with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Dragón Rojo Jr. is the longest reigning champion in the history of the championship. Since its creation in 1991, there have been 17 individual championship reigns shared between 12 wrestlers. El Dandy is the only three-time champion; Apolo Dantés had the shortest reign of any champion, 77 days.

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